Terms and Conditions



1. Unless otherwise specified, all photos will be returned in JPEG files within 30 days (Standard Priority) after the photo session. All packages are upgradable to Premium Priority with an additional fee of $1500 or 20% of the total price (whichever is higher). The waiting time of (a) Pre-wedding and Big-day photography packages and (b) other photography packages upgraded to Premium Priority are 7 days and 3 days respectively.


2. Deposit should be paid within 5 days after booking is being confirmed. Otherwise, the booking will be deemed to be cancelled. The amount of deposit shall be 50% of the total price. The remaining 50% shall be paid on the day of the photo session.


3. Rescheduling of appointment needed to be made at least 48 hours before the appointment time. Deposit will not be returned in all circumstances.


4. An additional fee of $500 will be charged for booking same-day photo session.


5. Please select photos for editing with the exclusive recipe, if applicable, within 30 days after receiving the JPEG files with basic retouch. Any requests for further edit submitted after the deadline will not be entertained.


6. In case of disputes, Chris Yiu reserves the right to make final decisions.


7. By paying the deposit or confirming your booking, you agree to all the terms and conditions and the details stated in the package description.


8. In case of inconsistency between the English version and the Chinese version of terms and conditions, the English version shall prevail.






1. 除非另有說明,否則所有相片將會在拍攝日後30天 (Standard Priority) 內以JPEG檔案歸還。顧客可繳付$1500或總單價20% (以較多者為準) 升級至Premium Priority。已升級Premium Priority的婚紗攝影及婚宴攝影套餐等候時間為7天,其他已升級Premium Priority的攝影套餐等候時間為3天。


2. 顧客需於確認訂單後5天內繳付訂金,否則當作放棄訂單論。訂金的金額為訂單價格的50%。其餘的50%餘款必需在拍攝當日繳付。


3. 任何改期要求必需在拍攝日前最少48小時提出。在任何情況下,已繳付的訂金一律不會歸還。


4. 預訂即日拍攝服務將會收取$500附加費。


5. 請於收到基本後製的JPEG檔案後30天內選定希望以獨家調色後製的相片 (如適用)。任何截止日期後提出的後製要求均不會受理。


6. 如有任何爭議,Chris Yiu保留最終決定權。


7. 確認訂單或繳付訂金則表示您同意所有條款及細則及套餐的內容。


8. 如條款及細則的英文版本及中文版本有不相符之處,則以英文版本作準。

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