The Scenery 遠方的風景

On the balcony, where the scenery of Kowloon Peninsula could be seen from, James and Rose Mary turned the page.

“It was three years ago. I met Rose Mary in Washington, DC. I found motivation from her. Although there were difficult times, we found ways to improve each other, found compromises. I decided to propose to her in Hong Kong. The day before the proposal, I was so nervous. I thought about the proposal for the whole night. But, in the end, it is worth it.”


在這裏看著遠方的風景,James與Rose Mary踏進了人生新的一頁。

「三年前,我與Rose Mary在華盛頓相遇。在一起以後,雖然經歷了一些困難的時刻,我們總是找到方法讓自己和對方變得更好。為了對方,即使要作出妥協,也沒有所謂。三年後,我決定要在香港向她作出一生的承諾。在求婚的前一晚,我緊張得難以入睡。但是,所有準備也是值得的。」